Publications and Reports

Selected Publications

Newcomb Institute has been able to contribute to scholarly research across disciplines through the work of our staff, supported faculty, students and visiting scholars. Below is just a sampling of our recent publications.

Peer-Reviewed Publications & Chapters by Newcomb Staff

Margaret Mary Downey, Clare Daniel, Anne McGlynn-Wright, and Karissa Haugeberg, Protect and Control: Coverture's Logics Across Welfare Policy and Abortion LawPsychology of Women Quarterly, July 2023.

Raj, A., & Wagman, J. (2023, July 6). Expanding knowledge of intergenerational violence in the Philippines. A commentary on Kim et al. (2023). SSM - Population Health. 

Clare Daniel and Grace Riley, “Building Equitable Partnerships and a Social Justice Mindset through a Donor-Funded Reproductive Rights and Health Internship Program,” Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 27:1, April 2023. 

Nadia E. Brown, Christopher J. Clark, Anna Mitchell Mahoney, and Michael Strawbridge, “Sister Space: Collective Descriptive Representation and Black Women in Legislative Caucuses,” Politics & Gender, First View, Cambridge University Press, March 15, 2023.

Holman, Mirya R. and Anna Mahoney. “Women in Louisiana Politics: Barriers and Opportunities.” in The Party is Over: The New Louisiana Politics, edited by G. Pearson Cross and Christie Maloyed. Baton Rouge, Louisiana: LSU Press, 2022.

Clare Daniel and Tessa Baldwin, “Fabricating Babies: Reproduction as Production in Storks and The Boss Baby,” Feminist Media Studies, published online December 2, 2022.

Holman, Mirya and Anna Mahoney,"Take (Her) to the Limit: Term Limits do Not Diminish Women's Overperformance in Legislative Office." Legislative Studies Quarterly, October 10, 2022.

Melissa Goldin Evans, Maeve Wallace, Katherine Theall, Anna Mahoney, Lisa Richardson, Clare Daniel, “A State-Level Approach to Reducing Inequities in Sexually Transmitted Infections,” Women’s Health Issues, corrected proof available online, August 9, 2022.

Mahoney, Anna,  “Community Engagement and State Legislative Research.PS: Political Science & Politics, 55(3), 568 – 571, June 13, 2022.

Clare Daniel, “Compromising Justice: Reproductive Rights Advocacy in the Time of Trump,” Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies, 43:1, February 2022.

Lisa Wade, "Narratives of Outbreak and Survival in English-Language Cinema Prior to COVID-19," Socius, 8: 1-15, February 2022.

Dovile Vilda, Maeve Wallace, Clare Daniel, Melissa Goldin Evans, Charles Stoecker, Katherine Theall, “State Abortion Policies and Maternal Death in the U.S., 2015-2018,” American Journal of Public Health 111:9, September 2021.

Holman, Mirya R., Anna Mahoney, and Emma Hurler, “Let’s Work Together: Bill Success via Women’s Cosponsorship in US State Legislatures.Political Research Quarterly. 75(3): 676-690, June 4, 2021. 

Mahoney, Anna, Meghan Kearney, and Carly Shaffer. “MeToo in the Statehouse.” in Politicking While Female: The Political Lives of Women, edited by Nichole M. Bauer, 158-179. Baton Rouge, Louisiana: LSU Press, 2020.

Lisa Wade, "In Pursuit of the Potential of Sexual Field Theory: A Research Agenda," Sexualities, 25, 3: 284-300, December 2020.

Jenna Vinson and Clare Daniel, “‘Power to Decide’ Who Should Get Pregnant: A Feminist Rhetorical Analysis of Neoliberal Visions of Reproductive Justice,” Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society, 8:2, July 2020.

Lisa Wade, "Doing Casual Sex: A Sexual Fields Approach to the Emotional Force of Hookup Culture," Social Problems, 68, 1: 185-201, December 2019. 

Holman, Mirya and Anna Mahoney, “The Choice is Yours: Caucus Typologies and Collaboration in U.S. State Legislatures.” Representation. 55(1): 47-63, March 1, 2019. 

Sally J.Kenney, "Towards a Less Essentialist, More Intersectional, and Institutional Approach to Gender and Judging.Connecticut Journal of International Law.

Anna Mahoney, "Women Take Their Place in State Legislatures: The Creation of Women’s Caucuses," Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

Mahoney, Anna Mitchell, and Christopher J. Clark, “When and Where Do Women’s Legislative Caucuses Emerge?” Politics and Gender. 15(4):671-694, December 5, 2018.

Holman, Mirya R. and Anna Mahoney, “Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Women’s Collaboration in U.S. State Legislatures.” Accepted for publication at Legislative Studies Quarterly.

Holman, Mirya R. and Anna Mahoney, “Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Women’s Collaboration in U.S. State Legislatures.” Legislative Studies Quarterly. 43(2): 179-206, January 24, 2018. 

Jacquelyne Thoni Howard, “A Productive Colony: Threats to French Imperial Priorities and the Development of Families in Early French Colonial Louisiana’s Lower Mississippi Valley Borderlands,” in the Center for French Colonial Studies’ Le Journal, vol. 32, no. 4, Fall, 2016, p 3-19. 

Clare Daniel, “‘Taming the Media Monster:’ Teen Pregnancy and the Neoliberal Safety (Inter)Net,” Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 39:4 (Summer 2014) 973-998

Clare Daniel, “Teen Sex, an Equal-Opportunity Menace: Multicultural Politics in 16 and Pregnant,” MTV and Teen Pregnancy: Critical Essays on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, ed. Letizia Guglielmo (Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2013) 79-92.

Susan Tucker, “Newcomb Pottery,” in A Unique Slant of Light: The Bicentennial History of Art in Louisiana, ed. by Michael Sartisky, J. Richard Gruber, and John R. Kemp, University Press of Mississippi, 2012. 


Books by Newcomb Staff

Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions, Lisa Wade, (3rd ed.), with Myra Marx Ferree. W.W. Norton & Co.

Terrible Magnificent Sociology, Lisa Wade, (2022), an introduction to sociology from W.W. Norton & Co.

Women Take Their Place in State Legislatures: The Creation of Women’s Caucuses. Temple University Press. Mahoney, Anna Mitchell. 2018. Reviewed in Gender & Society; Perspectives in Politics; and Journal of Women, Politics, and Policy

American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus, Lisa Wade, (2017), from W.W. Norton & Co.

Gender, Heteronormativity, and the American Presidency
Aidan Smith, Routledge Press, October 2017.

Mediating Morality: The Politics of Teen Pregnancy in the Post-Welfare Era
Clare Daniel, University of Massachusetts Press, June 2017.

Gender & Justice: Why Women in the Judiciary Really Matter
Sally J. Kenney, Routledge Press, July 2012.

Newcomb College, 1886-2006: Higher Education for Women in New Orleans
Susan Tucker and Beth Willinger, LSU Press, May 2012.

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