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Newcomb Institute Grants for Faculty

Newcomb Institute awards grants to support faculty research. View the faculty grant application (the application will open in a new window).

Grant Cycles

The Newcomb Grant Review Committee will consider proposals submitted during these cycles:

  • Fall cycle – deadline to submit is October 15, 2022.
  • Spring cycle – deadline to submit is March 15, 2023.
Application Guidelines

All Applicants, please note these guidelines:

  • You may submit a proposal for a particular project in only one category.
  • You may submit one research proposal per academic year. (If your research proposal is funded, you cannot submit another research proposal in the same academic year.  If your research proposal is not funded, you may re-submit that proposal or another proposal in the next cycle.)
  • You may submit one teaching proposal per cycle.
Research Category Priority

Faculty research grant funding will be prioritized according to the following categories:

  • Primary consideration will be given to projects that are focused in these areas:
    • Gender 
    • Women's intersectional political leadership
    • Women and prison
    • Gender-based violence
    • Sexual and reproductive health (especially in Louisiana or Kenya)
    • Women’s literature (especially memoir)
    • Women and technology
    • Women and STEM
    • Women’s history (especially the history of women/gender/feminism in the Gulf South)
  • Secondary consideration will be given to projects that are not in the areas identified above but focus on supporting Newcomb Institute's mission of promoting undergraduate student engagement and gender equity.
  • Tertiary consideration will be given to projects that do not meet the above criteria but which support faculty from under-represented groups.
Required Project Values

Applicant should incorporate each of these values into the project, and the proposal must clearly describe each:

  • Student involvement (highest priority)
  • Support of the Newcomb Institute's mission
  • Community involvement (if applicable)