Grant Opportunities

Newcomb Institute provides grant funding to the community, Tulane faculty members, and Tulane students for projects that connect to the Institute’s mission of advancing gender equity research and scholarly outputs. By gender equity research or scholarly work, we mean work that can offer insight and solutions to advance respect and equal opportunity for all people without discrimination regardless of gender and inclusive of all gender groups, including women/girls, men/boys, and those beyond the gender binary. This is not specific to any single discipline.

We are open to any area of focus on issues of gender equity, but we would value applications focused on Newcomb Institute’s current priority areas: 

  • Protection of sexual and reproductive health and rights  
  • Prevention of gender-based and discriminatory violence, including intimate partner violence, sexual harassment and sexual assault, and homophobic and transphobic discrimination 
  • Strengthening feminist civic and community engagement through the development of student leaders and community members as change agents

Click Here to View: Newcomb Institute Grants Awarded Spring 2024