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Student Grants

NCI awards grants to support undergraduate student research, conference travel, and community engagement.

Independent Research

These grants encourage the collaboration of undergraduate students and faculty in the production of new knowledge through individual and/or group research. Sometimes the research takes place in a laboratory; sometimes it requires a library or an interview with an expert; at other times, fieldwork is necessary to the data collection that precedes analysis. 

If the culmination of your research is a production (theatre, musical, readings), you must demonstrate in your proposal how your research will inform all aspects of the production. In other words, you are requesting funding primarily for your research to develop your production rather than funding for the costs of the production, although you may include those costs in your proposal.

Research involving human subjects (including conducting interviews) must be approved by the university's Internal Review Board (IRB), a process which might take up to three months. Students are urged to consider the possible three-month wait period when developing a timetable for a project. When submitting a proposal for an Independent Research grant, a student must include verification that the student has completed the online CITI course. Discuss this with your faculty sponsor or collaborator for the grant and be sure he/she will assist you with the IRB procedure. Review the Human Research Protection Program page for more information about IRB and the CITI course.

If a student is assisting in a faculty member's lab and the research is primarily the faculty member's, the faculty member should apply for the grant and name the student as an assistant who can be paid a stipend. If the research is that of the student with the faculty member providing guidance or collaboration, then the student may apply for the grant but cannot receive a stipend. 

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Conference Presentation/Attendance

These grants will fund travel expenses for undergraduate students who present papers, participate in a panel, or attend professional academic meetings. Applications for conference presentation may be accepted and considered outside of the regular grant cycle.

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Community Engagement

These grants fund projects focusing on service to a community. An essential component of the project is the involvement of a local grassroots organization, and a letter of support from that organization must be included with the proposal. In addition, the projects must in some way directly involve and benefit women students at Tulane.

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For more information, contact:
Laura Wolford
Assistant Director for Administration and Programs
Director of Newcomb Research Center