Events and Reservations

Event Reservations

Newcomb Institute meeting rooms and Diboll Gallery are available for events during the following times: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday - Thursday, and 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Friday. University holidays may require building closure and no reservations will be booked during that time.

Reservation requests for one-time events in Newcomb Institute spaces (NI) should be submitted online at at least three weeks prior to the proposed event date. Requests submitted less than two business days prior to the proposed event date will not be accepted.  

Reservation requests for recurring events must be submitted online at after November 1 for the spring semester, and after April 1 for the summer and fall semesters. Recurring events are defined as events that repeat daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  

All reservation requests must include set-up details, including diagrams, if applicable. Reservations will not be confirmed until set-up details are complete.  

Please be aware that priority for reservations will be given to Newcomb Institute Recognized Student Organizations and Newcomb Institute sponsored activities. Student organizations may not reserve space during the final exam period each semester. Space in the Commons may be reserved for meetings and events. The Commons may not be reserved as classroom space, study group space, individual office/conference call space, or weekly religious services space. 

University holidays may require building closure and no reservations will be accepted during that time. In the event of unexpected university closures, all events and reservations will be canceled until the university resumes normal operations. 

Reservation Cancellations and No-Shows

All meeting spaces in Newcomb Institute must be reserved through the at least two business days prior to the event date. It is recommended that reservations requests are submitted at least three weeks prior to the event date. A reservation reminder will be sent via email to the event organizer two weeks prior to the event. A notice to cancel, if needed, is included in the reminder. If an event is booked less than two weeks prior to the event, the event organizer will not receive an additional reminder. Reservations may be canceled, without penalty, at least 1 business day prior to the event. Reservations may be canceled through the EMS system, or by emailing the Senior Events Coordinator for Newcomb Institute.

If a reservation has not been canceled and the event reserved space is not utilized, the sponsoring department or organization is considered a "no-show." The penalty for "no-show" events are listed below:

  • The first "no-show" will result in a warning issued to the sponsoring department or organization. If the event organizer is a Newcomb Institute student organization, the warning will also be sent to their Newcomb Institute Advisor.
  • The second "no-show" will result in the sponsoring department or organization losing scheduling privileges for a period of two weeks. All reservations within the two-week window will be canceled.
  • The third "no-show" will result in the sponsoring department or organization losing its scheduling privileges for a period of eight weeks. All reservations within the eight-week window will be canceled. 
After-Hours Events

An “after-hours” event is defined as an event with an end time after 9:00 pm (Monday-Thursday), after 5:00 pm on Friday, and weekend or overnight events. After-hours events will not be scheduled within Newcomb Institute space. 

Event Spaces - Outside AV Vendor Policy

Newcomb Institute does not allow for clients booking our spaces to have access to the event spaces’ AV racks or equipment modules and does not allow for clients to hire or arrange for outside AV vendors and companies who would adjust or plug accessories into the AV components of our event spaces.

In the case that the client receives permission in advance from Newcomb Institute to use a Tulane-affiliated A/V specialist, they must adhere to the following policies, or they will forfeit their privileges to use Newcomb Institute’s event spaces in the future. Newcomb Institute’s approved AV specialist is Paul Thomason. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the AV specialists follows these protocols and that the technology specifications are restored.

The Client/AV Specialist will: 

  • For each event scheduled, the client and AV specialist will submit a detailed summary of what they need and what the AV specialist will be doing in the spaces to be reviewed for approval by Newcomb Institute’s staff. This request should be submitted at least two weeks before the event to Lory Arnold at  If clients want to review the presenter-facing components, they must book an appointment with Lory Arnold. 
  • Please make a note of all components, dials, frequencies, etc., before making adjustments and return all components, dials, frequencies, etc., back to their original specs before leaving the event spaces. 
  • Do not take Newcomb Institute’s components or accessories when they leave or swap their accessories for Newcomb Institute’s accessories. 
  • Respect the time and expertise of the event and technology staff at Newcomb Institute.   
  • Make appointments in advance to access the rooms’ AV racks and components with Dr. Jacquelyne Thoni Howard, Book Office Hours/Tech Consultation. The appointments available at this link lists all of Dr. Howard’s availability, and she cannot adjust her schedule to accommodate outside vendors. The AV specialist is responsible for showing up at the appropriate time and should not show up for access without an appointment. 
  • Communicate openly about broken equipment and make plans to repair/replace equipment that breaks while using the room in this capacity. 

Events may include decorations inside of the reserved event space. Requests for decorations that extend beyond the reserved event space must be included in the reservation request event description and approved by the the Senior Events Coordinator for Newcomb Institute. Decorating and the removal of decorations must occur during the duration of your reservation. Newcomb Institute is not responsible for decorations not removed at the end of the reservation. Items not removed may be disposed of and could result in an additional custodial fee at the discretion of Newcomb Institute’s Senior Events Coordinator.

If you need to attach decorations to the ceiling, walls, doors, or furniture, you may use painters’ tape or Command strips (these are not provided by Newcomb Institute). Stickers may not be adhered directly to surfaces.

The following decorations/items may not be used for events in Newcomb Institute spaces:

  • Duct tape/Packing tape
  • Glue
  • Nails/Thumbtacks
  • Glitter
  • Confetti
  • Smoke/Fog/Bubble Machines
  • Candles/Oil Lamps/Incense

Event organizers may consult with the Senior Events Coordinator regarding proposed decorations. 

Food Service

Olive Blue Catering has exclusive catering rights for all non-Newcomb Institute organization and department events held in Newcomb Institute spaces. To arrange catering for your event, contact Olive Blue at 504-865-5254 or Please review the Student Organization Meeting & Event Catering Policy for details on catering for closed meetings or requesting an exemption for an event. 


Tulane University faculty, staff, departments, and Newcomb Institute Student Organizations (“Tulane constituents”) may not reserve a facility on behalf of or for use by an outside/unaffiliated group, organization, or individual. This conduct constitutes “fronting” and is prohibited. 

University employees or students who engage in fronting in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action. This does not mean that Tulane constituents are prohibited from making reservation inquiries on behalf of an outside/unaffiliated group, organization, or individual. Rather, Tulane constituents are prohibited from reserving a facility under the guise, whether intentional or not, that the reservation is for the primary benefit of a Tulane constituent. The Newcomb Institute Senior Events Coordinator may deny or rescind permission to use any space if it is determined that the reservation is fronting for an outside/unaffiliated group, organization, or individual. See the Policy for use of University facilities for non-University events for additional information.


All vehicles parked on Tulane’s Uptown campus between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:30 pm, Monday-Friday, must display a University Parking Permit or park in a metered parking space. To obtain a visitor parking pass or to arrange parking for an event, contact Parking Services at 504-865-5424. 

Set-Up Times

Newcomb Institute determines the amount of time necessary to set up for events. Set-up times may not be changed during an event. Only Newcomb Institute and Facilities Services Staff (if applicable) are allowed to move equipment and furniture in the building. NI staff will not set up furniture provided by an outside vendor. 


Materials for events may not be shipped directly to Newcomb Institute prior to an event. 


Materials may not be stored in Newcomb Institute overnight or between events unless the reservation is ongoing in the same room. Newcomb Institute is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal or organizational property. 

Video/DVD Screenings and Federal Copyright Law

Federal law prohibits the public display of copyrighted material. This includes videos and DVDs that may be purchased or rented. A public display would be considered any screening outside of someone’s home. To avoid copyright violations, event organizers must obtain the proper license to show copyrighted material. A license is required for all public performances regardless of whether admission is charged. The personal rental, purchase, lending or download of a movie does not provide the right to exhibit it publicly outside the home unless the screening is properly licensed. Licenses are valid for a specific, designated time frame and crowd size. There are no annual licenses available to colleges and universities. For questions or assistance in obtaining a license, contact the Senior Events Coordinator. Newcomb Institute-affiliated student organizations may contact the Program Manager for Student Leadership and Engagement for assistance. 

For more information, contact:

Brennan Major
Event Coordinator