Funding for a Cross-School Collaboration Planning Grant Proposal on Gender Equity

Aligned with our mission to advance research and knowledge on gender equity, Newcomb Institute seeks proposals from other Tulane Centers, Programs, Departments, Schools, and Institutes for cross-disciplinary, cross-school collaboration to help jump start research that can advance gender equity. We are interested in proposals that can result in generation of a proposal(s) for larger scale grant funding from NIH, NSF, BMGF, or similar federal or foundations who fund multi-disciplinary research.

We are open to any area of focus on issues of gender equity, and we are open to applications from any and all schools at Tulane but require collaboration from at least two schools for this submission, with a plan for building multidisciplinary work.

By gender equity research, we mean work that can offer insight and solutions to advance respect and equal opportunity for all people without discrimination regardless of gender and inclusive of all gender groups, including women/girls, men/boys, and those beyond the gender binary. This is not specific to any single discipline.



Application Guidelines

Please note the following guidelines:

  • Proposals must be involve collaboration across two schools within Tulane University and must explicitly highlight the multi-disciplinary approach used for their proposed research focused on gender equity. The proposal should be submitted by one faculty member on behalf of the collaborative team, and the proposal should include CVs from all proposed team members.
  • The maximum funding amount is $25,000.
  • We anticipate funding 1 proposal during this funding cycle. 
  • All grant-related work should be completed during the period of funding, and a grant report is due at the conclusion of the grant-funded period. We would like to see a grant proposal submission as the primary product generated from this work. Future grant funding decisions may take into consideration the completion and quality of work, as well as the demonstrated value of the effort, as reflected in this report and resultant projects. 
  • Grant recipients must credit Newcomb Institute in proposals, papers, presentations, or publicity connected with the funded project. We do not expect or require inclusion on subsequent grant proposal submissions but can help with grant reviews or social media awareness building for awarded grants

Required Project Values

Applicant should incorporate each of these values into the project. The proposal must clearly describe each:

  • Focus on gender equity research (highest priority)
  • Engagement between two schools and involvement of a multidisciplinary team (highest priority)
  • Demonstrate focus and capacity for development of a grant proposal for submission to an external funder (high priority)
  • Student involvement (if applicable)
  • Community involvement (if applicable)

Due Date

The Newcomb Institute will consider proposals submitted in Spring by March 15, 2024.

Who We Are

Newcomb Institute is an academic institute built from a women’s college and, today, catalyzing and guiding multi-disciplinary research and scholars focused on gender equity.

Our mission is to advance research, training, and practice focused on gender equity and empowerment so all people, regardless of their social characteristics, can achieve their full potential academically, socially, professionally, and in positions of leadership. We work with students and community partners to create the next generation of gender equity scholars and leaders.

Our current research priorities within Newcomb Institute are:

  • elimination of gender-based violence
  • advancement of sexual and reproductive health and justice
  • feminist civic engagement and leadership. 

As part of our mission and goals, we seek to support research on gender equity in any area and across any discipline through our grant funding to Tulane faculty and for undergraduate research assistants working with Tulane faculty.