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Technology Initiatives for Students

The Digital Humanities Lab supports undergraduates in gaining technical and feminist leadership skills while building a diverse portfolio of technology projects. All students with an interest in feminist technology studies and working collaboratively on a scrum team within a feminist lab setting are welcome to apply, regardless of major or skill level. 

Digital Research Internship Program

Digital Research Internship Program 

Program Summary

This paid internship provides students with tangible experience in technology and feminist leadership while working on the digital scholarship projects of Tulane faculty in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.  Technical areas include digital media, digital archiving, web design, database development, coding projects, design thinking, UX/UI, and audio/visual editing. 

Information Technology Internship Program

Program Summary:

This paid internship program employs undergraduates to support technical operations within a nonprofit research and education center using feminist technology customer support ethos. Technical areas include asset management, IT help desk, web maintenance, project management, classroom support, and instructional technology training.  

Grace Hopper Celebration Travel Grants

Program Summary:

This grant program provides students with opportunities to attend the annual Grace Hopper Celebration, where they will meet with recruiters from top tech companies, network and attend panels from industry leaders who care about gender and tech issues. Each grant covers airfare, registration, and double occupancy housing. Eligible undergraduates must indicate an active interest in promoting gender equity in technology. Students will be responsible for their own meals and transportation during the trip.

Gender and Technology Grant (HASTAC Scholar)

Program Summary

This grant program offers undergraduates the opportunity to conduct research on topics relating to gender and technology. Students will receive a $300.00 grant to work approximately 30 hours to produce a digital research project that will be published digitally.  Students may receive sponsorship to apply to the HASTAC Scholar program. Students can propose their own projects or have one assigned to them.


  • Sophomores and Juniors



Application for all programs

To learn more about expectations, program information, and to apply for any of these programs, read and fill out the application (application will open in a new window).

For more information, contact:
Jacquelyne Thoni Howard, Ph.D. 
Administrative Assistant Professor
of Technology and Women's History