Lauren Gaines

Media and Communications Specialist

Newcomb Institute
Photo of Lauren Gaines


Lauren Gaines is the Media and Communications Specialist for Newcomb Institute. She manages all programs and activities related to communications and actively promotes Newcomb Institute within and beyond the higher education community. Lauren received her B.A. in Communication from Tulane University, and prior to Newcomb Institute, she worked on the External Affairs team at Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, managed communications strategy for the Louisiana Museum Foundation, and worked as an Admission Counselor at Tulane, where her work focused on recruiting diverse student populations from South Louisiana.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Oversees development of Newcomb Institute’s communication and marketing strategies, including event and programming promotion
  • Coordinates production and dissemination of Newcomb Institute communication materials and publications
  • Manages content creation for all social media channels
  • Serves as interdepartmental communications liaison
  • Manages internal communications, including listservs, newsletters, and digital communications