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Fall 2023 Courses with Gender in Mind

Africana Studies

AFRS 4800-01
Black Women’s Health
Nghana Lewis
M 5:30-8:10

AFRS 4810-01, 02
Black Queer Theory
Jerome Dent
M 3-5:30


ANTH 2030-01
Anthropology of Women and Men
Lauren Dodaro
MWF 10-10:50

ANTH 3090-01
Menstruation: Biology and Culture
Katharine Lee
TR 11-12:15

ANTH 3092-01
Anthropology of Violence
Claudia Chavez-Arguelles
TR 2-3:15

ANTH 3545-01
Urban Music: Race, Class, and Sexuality
Sabia McCoy-Torres
TR 3L30-4:45


ARHS 6810-01, 02
Women and Gender in Chinese Art
Fan Zhang
M 3-5:30


COLQ 1020-05
Impossible Mothers
Brian Horowitz
R 2-3:15

COLQ 1020-11
Sexuality, Knowledge Production, and Education 
Clare Daniel
W 3-4:15

COLQ 1020-13
Dismantling Rape Culture
Laura Wolford
T 1-2:15

COLQ 1020-15
Medieval Women Writers
Borja Gama de Cossio
R 12:30-1:45 


COMM 2720-01
Media and Reproductive Rights
Clare Daniel
TR 11-12:15

COMM 4261-01
Feminism, Sci-Fi, and Technology
Michele White
W 3:30-5:55

COMM 4810-01
Queer Global Media
Edmond Ernest dit Alban
TR 11-12:15


ENLS 3010-01
Black Women Writers
Z’etoile Imma
MWF 11-11:50

ENLS 4010-01
Labor and Leisure in Latinx Cultures
Zorimar Rivera
TR 2-3:15

ENLS 7550-01
Queer Decadence
Thomas Albrecht
W 3-5:30

ENLS 7780-01
From Womanism to Trap Feminism: Theorizing Lived Experiences in Black Women’s Literature
Nghana Lewis
T 6-8:30

Gender & Sexuality Studies

GESS 1900-01, 02
Sex, Power, and Culture
Krystal Cleary
TR 9:30-10:45

GESS 2190-01
Gender and Communication
Instructor TBA
MWF 2-2:50

GESS 2900-01, 02, 03, 04
Intro to Gender and Sexuality Studies
Myriam Huet, TR 2-3:15
Rebecca Atencio, TR 11-12:15
TBA, MWF 10-10:50
TBA, MWF 12-12:50

GESS 3500-01
Critical Inquiry and Praxis
Krystal Cleary
TR 12:30-1:45

GESS 4940-10, 11
Gender and Sexuality Theory I
Mimi Schippers
W 3-5:30


HISB 6070-01
Gender in African History
Liz McMahon
R 3:30-5:55

HISU 2410-01
Women and Gender Since 1861
Karissa Haugeberg
MWF 9-9:50

Newcomb Scholars

INTU 2500-01
Digital Scholarship
Jacquelyne Howard
R 8-9:15

INTU 4000-01
Newcomb Research Seminar
Julie Henriquez Aldana
T 8-9:15

Latin American Studies

LAST 3000-01
Indigenous Feminisms
Hannah Palmer
TR 2-3:15

Political Science

POLA 3011-01
LGBTQ Politics
Scott Nolan
MWF 3-3:50

POLA 6960-01
Gender, Judges, and Digital Literary
Sally Kenney
R 3:30-5:55

POLA 6960-02
Gender and Political Comms
Mirya Holman
T 3:30-5:55

POLC 4200-01
The Politics of Rape
Sally Kenney
TR 2-3:15

Public Health

SPHU 2333-01
Intro to Global MCH
Francoise Grossmann
TR 2-3:15

SPHU 3500-01
Public Health Approach to Sexual Violence
Fred Buttell
R 3:30-5:55


SOCI 1010-01
Sexualities and Society
Lisa Wade
TR 2-3:15

SOCI 1030-01, 02
Sociology of the Family
Ashley Volion
MWF 1-1:50 or 2-2:50

SOCI 1040-01
Gender and Society
Katherine Johnson
MWF 12-12:50

SOCI 2210-01
Sociology of Reproduction
Katherine Johnson
MWF 10-10:50


TIDE 1023-01
Reproductive Politics in NOLA
Clare Daniel
T 3-4:15

TIDE 1043-01
LGBTQ+ New Orleans
Charles Mignot
M 5-6:15

TIDE 1083-01
Cultural Heritage, Social Change: The Activist Archivist
Chloe Raub
T 2-3:15

TIDE 1335-01
Art On and From the Margins: Questions of Race, Class, and Gender
Isa Murdock-Hinrichs
R 12:30-1:45

TIDE 1485-01
Surveillance, Data, and Society
Jacquelyne Howard
T 12:30-1:45

TIDE 1981-01
Frames, Films, and Femmes Fatales
Aidan Smith
R 9:30-10:45

TIDR 1018-01
Case Studies in Leadership
Anna Mahoney
T 9:30-10:45

TIDR 1415-01
FEMtech: Gender and Technology
Jacquelyne Howard
T 11-12:15