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Annual Programs

NCI is proud to carry on the rich traditions of our endowed lecture series and programs. These events have an established place in the fabric of the campus and the community. Thanks to the continued generosity of alumnae and friends, we are pleased to showcase the following events and programs. 

The Alberto-Culver Lecture Series

The Alberto-Culver Lecture Series, established by Carol Bernick (NC ’74), invites distinguished, nationally recognized professional women to campus to meet with students and discuss pertinent topics about women in business.

The Florie Gale Arons '50 Poetry Forum

The Florie Gale Arons ‘50 Poetry Forum was established by her daughters Andrea Arons Houseman (NC’82), Lisa Arons Aldridge and Gina Arons in 1999 in honor of her 70th birthday, and still flourishes. Past Poets have given readings as well as lead writing workshops for undergraduates.

View the Florie Gale Arons '50 Poetry Forum Archives online.

The Betty Werlein Carter' (NC' 31) Lecture

The Betty Werlein Carter’ (NC’ 31) Lecture, established by the family and friends of the alumna, provides women students with information training, experience, contacts and involvement in the public policy arena.

The Custard Lecture

The Custard Lecture, funded by Marla Custard (NC ’91) brings speakers connected to the LGBTQ community to campus. 

Past Speakers

  • Alexis DeVeaux (2017)
  • Jess Dugan (2016)
  • Margot Canaday (2015)
  • Kate Bornstein (2014)
  • Alison Bechdel (2013)
  • CJ Pascoe (2012)
  • Mary Gray (2011)
  • Susan Stryker (2010)
The Dorothy K. Daspit (NC '28) Lecture Series

The Dorothy K. Daspit (NC ’28) Lecture Series, established by her nephew Frank A. Daspit (A&S ’58) and niece Caroline Daspit (NC’69), brings accomplished female scholars in the sciences to campus to present a lecture and meet with lab groups and the Women in Science student organization.

The Wirtz-Costello Lecture

The Wirtz-Costello Lecture, established by the family of Gail Wirtz-Costello (NC’ 76) in 2006, supports educational programs promoting awareness on current health and social issues pertaining to college women.

Adele Ramos Salzer '40 Lecture and Reading Series

The Adele Ramos Salzer ’40 Lecture and Reading Series was created by a donation from this dedicated alumna volunteer has been generously strengthened through gifts in her memory from her family, friends, and classmates. The series supports academic programs focusing on women's experiences in higher education.

View the Adele Ramos Salzer '40 Lecture and Reading Series Archives online.

The Roe v. Wade Lecture

Newcomb College Institute’s annual Roe v. Wade Lecture commemorates the historic 1973 U. S. Supreme Court decision that recognized abortion as a constitutionally protected right. Every January, Newcomb College Institute invites a nationally recognized scholar of reproductive rights to present their latest research. The series, which engages student groups such as Students United for Reproductive Justice, Social Workers for Reproductive Freedom, Med Students for Choice, Students United for Reproductive Freedom (School of Public Health), and If, When, How (School of Law), has brought to campus scholars from a variety of disciplines, including history, architecture, sociology, and law. The annual lecture is preceded by a networking dinner and poster presentations by NCI’s Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health Interns and opportunities for legislative action for students, faculty, and the general public.

The annual Roe v. Wade Lecture is supported by the Donna and Richard Esteves Fund for Women’s Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health.

Roe v. Wade speakers to date:

  • 2018 – J. Shoshanna Ehrlich, "(Re)producing the Maternal Ideal: Abortion Laws and the Romancing of Motherhood" 
  • 2017 – Kimberly Kelly, “Abortion in the American South: Religion, Race, and Stigma”
  • 2016 – Rebecca Kluchin, “Maternal-Fetal Conflict in Post-Roe America”
  • 2015 – Lori Brown, “Contested Spaces: Abortion Clinic Design”
  • 2014 – Lynn Paltrow, “Interrogating the Differences between ‘Pro-Life,’ and ‘Pro-Lives’”
  • 2013 – Wendy Kline, “The Pelvic Instruction Controversy of the 1970s”
The Zale-Kimmerling Writer-In-Residence Program

The Zale-Kimmerling Writer-In-Residence Program provides a unique opportunity for students and members of the university community to meet with a notable woman writer as she spends a week on campus. The program was established by Dana Zale Gerard (NC ’85), and made possible by an annual gift from the M.B. and Edna Zale Foundation of Dallas, Texas.  In 2010, the program became fully endowed through a gift from Martha McCarty Kimmerling (NC’63).

View the Zale-Kimmerling Program Archives online.