NEW Leadership™

Newcomb Institute will host NEW Leadership™ from Aug 9-12, 2023. This free four-day program is open to college students throughout Louisiana and will educate undergraduates about the important role that politics plays in their lives.

  • Meet successful women leaders
  • Learn public speaking, debate, research, and networking skills
  • Connect with peers from different universities

Applications close on May 1, 2023. To apply, click here.

Program Information

Newcomb Institute’s mission is to develop leaders and discover solutions to intractable gender problems. 

The NEW Leadership™ program offers students an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to become effective political actors and establish networks with like-minded peers and successful women in politics. During the four-day summer program, students learn from educators in the field of women and politics, are mentored by women leaders with a variety of roles in politics and policymaking, and participate in skill-building workshops and workshops on public speaking, networking, and developing your unique leadership style. NEW Leadership™ encourages participants to embrace their own leadership abilities and to consider politics and the public sector as they plan their careers.​​​​

“In 2020, Louisiana will have the most women serving in our legislature in the state’s history—26. Despite this record, we are consistently in the bottom 10 states for women’s representation. By bringing NEW Leadership to Louisiana, Tulane University will be training the next generation of our state’s leaders and bringing new voices to the table.” 

-Anna Mitchell Mahoney, Ph.D., Administrative Assistant Professor of Women’s Political Leadership, Newcomb Institute 


Applications close on May 1, 2023. To apply, click here.

Alumni Testimony

“I was able to really see how women who are fantastic leaders change the world every day. The most important part of the experience for me was seeing these examples. These women inspired me to realize my potential.”
- NEW Leadership alumna 

“During NEW Leadership my self-confidence improved significantly. In the past, this has been my biggest impediment, but now I’m able to take risks and encourage myself to be resilient. This boost in self-confidence has been incredibly empowering!” - NEW Leadership alumna