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Nadine Robbert Vorhoff Collection

The Nadine Robbert Vorhoff Collection complements the manuscript collections of the Newcomb Archives. These books are non-circulating and may be used in the Newcomb Institute reading room. Duplicate copies of some titles may be available from the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. To search our special collections please use the Howard-Tilton catalog. Use the refine search setting to limit location to “Vorhoff.” 

Culinary Collection

The Culinary Collection includes over two thousand cookbooks and texts on food dating from the 1850s to present, with a focus on local cuisine and community cookbooks. The collection also includes reference sources on culinary history and foodways, international cookbooks published in their original languages, and guides to entertaining and hosting.

Doris Stern Despres Women in the Arts Collection

This collection includes art reference books covering the work of various women artists and the historic Newcomb Pottery enterprise.

Marla Custard Gender and Sexuality Collection

This collection was received as a donation by Marla Custard (NC ’91) and has a focus on LGBTQ+ issues and authors.

Newcomb Authors

This collection includes the published works of Newcomb alums, faculty, and staff, as well as texts written by Tulane’s Gender and Sexuality Studies faculty and Newcomb Institute Fellows.

Prescriptive Literature

As a genre, prescriptive literature highlights the social and cultural forces that have shaped women’s everyday lives. These books variantly uphold or reject traditional gender roles and may have little relationship to the reality of women’s lives, but rather serve as resources on how topics such as parenting, psychology, social work, education, maternal and child health, and the role of the family have changed over time. The Prescriptive Literature Collections include the Motherhood Collection, Marriage Collection, Girlhood Collection, Women’s Education Collection, and Physical Education Collection.

Zale-Kimmerling Writers and Arons Poetry Collections

These collections include books written by authors who have visited Tulane as part of the Zale-Kimmerling Writer-in-Residence Program and the Florie Gale Arons Poetry Forum. Additionally, the Newcomb Archives maintains the Zale-Kimmerling Writers Project records, including correspondence with the authors, photographs, and publicity related to the project from 1985 to 2010.


Zines are broadly defined as paper-based, DIY (Do It Yourself) periodicals that are created and shared within the context of a subculture. Zines have been a critical component of what is known as DIY feminism: a political outlook centered on communicating and elevating ideas through independent cultural production. The zine collection covers topics such as feminism, LGBTQ+ issues, herbalism, health and self-care, and New Orleans subcultures, among others.