VEX: Violence EXperiences Research

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Since 2019, Dr. Raj has been leading survey research on gender-based violence and discrimination in the United States; this work profiles intimate partner violence, sexual violence and harassment, community violence, and racial/ethnic discrimination. She has been conducting semi-annual statewide surveys on physical violence, sexual violence, and intimate partner violence in California since 2020. She began implementing this survey in Louisiana in 2023. This same year, she implemented the survey with a large sample of Asian Americans in California for the first time, to provide insight into the unique vulnerabilities experienced by this population. She has additionally conducted national surveys on sexual harassment, including harassment in public spaces and in the workplace, in 2019 and 2024. In addition to this survey research, she has included qualitative analyses for under-studied populations such as immigrants, and she has conducted cost of violence analyses. These reports are freely available and have been featured in multiple media outlets.