Aidan Smith, Ph.D.

Administrative Associate Professor and Director of the Newcomb Scholars Program

Newcomb Institute
(504) 865-5539
Office Address
43 Newcomb Place, Suite 301
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Aidan Smith is the Director of the Newcomb Scholars Program and teaches its first year seminar, The History and Philosophy of Higher Education: The Role of College Women. She earned her bachelor's degree at Barnard College and holds a master's degree in mass communication from the University of Florida. She completed her doctorate in American Studies at the University of Hawaii in 2013. She also coordinates Newcomb’s feminist film initiatives. Her first book, Gender, Heteronormativity, and the American Presidency, was published by Routledge in October 2017. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Directs the Newcomb Scholars program.
  • Teaches the Newcomb Scholars first-year seminar.
  • Coordinates Newcomb Institute’s feminist film initiatives.