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Frequently Asked Questions

**Please note that all Summer 2020 courses will be held virtually.


“From this program, I gained new peers with eye-opening perspectives; trust and respect for my mentors, who fostered progressive environments to build better discussion; and faith in myself, as a woman, that one day I can live on to use the tools from this program to help sustain a brighter future.” – Evelynn Coffie

“The course Dismantling Rape Culture gave me a new perspective. I was aware of rape culture, I was aware of the #MeToo movement and the national publicity, but I had never looked at the historical context and understood the many different scenarios where rape culture exists.” – Frances Isom

“At first when [my daughter] Frances came back from the summer session, and she was telling me the details of the rape cases and what she studied, I was a little hesitant; like, maybe this was too much too soon. But then I noticed a fundamental shift in her perspective that I don’t even think she is aware of; when the news comes on, and there’s a story about a rape or a #MeToo situation, Frances will bring up what they read in class –she has a historical context for it now. Before, when she heard stuff on the news it went over her head and didn’t resonate with her, but now she pays attention and has insight into these issues.” – Lanier Isom, parent and Newcomb College alumna (NC '87)

“That class pushed me to think about feminism in a different way and connected me with women around the city that I still talk to today.” – Kate Marsh

“I really liked the discussion-based classes because it was teaching us how to get in-depth with our conversations and also how to interact with people you may not agree with. We learned how to respectfully disagree and understand each other.” – Jada London

“Women’s leadership is something really important to get an education about, and not a lot of colleges offer it. Hearing all the women speak this week has been really inspiring because I got to see how many things you can do while being a feminist, incorporating feminism into what you’re doing.” – Kamryn Roane

“The courses made me realize that diversity doesn’t come; you have to bring it. I really wanted to come here and develop my opinions, especially as a young woman. That way, I can keep learning and build a strong foundation first. It’s been awesome to get a feel for the campus. I’ve been on a college tour here before, but now I’ve really seen more, behind the scenes.” – Phoebe Guinn

“Dr. Pulda was an amazing teacher and I learned a lot from her class in just one week. I feel more confident in reading more complex texts now.” (survey)

“I really loved this program and its professors, and I am now confident that Tulane will be one of my top choices for college.” (survey)

“I loved everything! I think what I enjoyed most was the class discussion. It was interesting to understand new perspectives from people across the nation. I appreciate how dedicated Dr. Aidan Smith was, to equip us with skills and knowledge for our future work.” (survey)

“This has been an extremely enlightening week. Listening to speakers and making great friends was my favorite part.” (survey)

Can I take one course? Can I take more than one course?

Yes and yes! Day students can attend week one (June 15-19), week two (June 22-26), or both. Residential students are strongly encouraged to attend both weeks. Two-week residential students will enjoy organized activities over the weekend between courses.

Can I stay on campus?

Yes, Newcomb Summer Session has a residential option; students may stay in dorm rooms on campus. We strongly encourage a two-week residential session. Residential students move in the Sunday before their first class (June 14), and they move out the Saturday after their final class (June 27).

Which courses should I choose?

All Newcomb Summer Session courses foster leadership, collaboration, and college-level reading and discussion. No matter which course(s) you take, you will learn about gender and social justice issues. If you are interested in communications and activism, you might choose Women’s Advocacy. If you are interested in technology, you might choose the course Programmers, Wired Women, and Techno-Feminists. If you want to learn theoretical and practical approaches to addressing urgent social issues, you might choose Dismantling Rape Culture. If you enjoy reading and writing, or your favorite class is English, you might choose Women Writing Out Loud. If you are interested in reproductive issues, you might choose Reproductive Rights in the Media.

Is there homework?

Students will be expected to read approximately 50-100 pages of provided text before the program begins. There will be additional reading assignments throughout the program; expect around 30 pages per night.

Will I receive a grade?

You will not have the pressure of grades at Newcomb Summer Session.

Will I receive college credit?

Newcomb Summer Session does not offer college credit. You will receive a certificate of completion.

Who is eligible to apply?

Rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors in good academic standing are eligible.

When is the application deadline?

The priority application deadline is February 14, 2020. The final application deadline is April 17, 2020. Students admitted in the priority round are guaranteed their first choice of course.

How much does Newcomb Summer Session cost?

Tuition for one week is $595 for day students. A one-week residential session is only available by request. For two weeks, tuition is $1190 for day students and $2995 for residential students. Tuition includes a full day of class, meals and snacks, and all learning materials.

How do I apply?

Please fill out the application form. Indicate which week(s) you want to attend, and which course(es) you are interested in taking. We will do our best to accommodate each accepted student’s interests and scheduling needs.

You will enter your personal information, your parent’s information, and your school information. Also, please write a 250-word essay describing why you want to attend Newcomb Summer Session.

How do I apply for a need-based scholarship?

In your application, please upload a short essay describing why you require financial aid to attend Newcomb Summer Session. Scholarships do not include transportation to New Orleans; therefore, students in the New Orleans area are especially encouraged to apply for scholarship funds.

I am a male or non-binary student. Can I apply?

Yes! Newcomb Summer Session welcomes all students who are motivated to study women’s leadership, feminist ideas, and social change.