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Newcomb Fellows

The Newcomb College Institute provides academic and co-curricular programs designed to enhance the education of undergraduate women at Tulane University.

The Newcomb Grant Program recognizes the co-curricular as a vital extension of the curricular, values interdisciplinary and cross-unit collaboration, and funds the production of new knowledge and research by faculty and students and the integration of this research into the undergraduate curriculum in all fields.


To apply to become a Newcomb Fellow, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Department
  • Area(s) of specialization and research
  • Any relevant extracurricular interests or involvement
  • Newcomb Fellows can support the mission of NCI in several ways. Indicate which of these you may be willing to participate in:
    • Advising a student organization
    • Serving on an NCI faculty advisory committee (grant review, Newcomb Scholars, awards)
    • Nominating students for awards
    • Collaborating on an NCI research report
    • Teaching a gender-relating course
    • Mentoring undergraduate students 
    • Attending Under the Oaks, our end of the year awards ceremony
    • Suggesting speakers
    • Speaking at a Fridays at Newcomb about your work
    • Other ideas?

The Newcomb Fellows is a voluntary association of faculty from all undergraduate colleges of Tulane University. A Newcomb Fellow supports the higher education of women and participates in activities of the Newcomb College Institute that foster faculty-student interaction and research. The Newcomb Fellows program was established by a resolution of the Tulane Board of Administrators in November of 1987. The Newcomb College Institute administers the Newcomb Fellows program.

A faculty member (full-time, visiting, post-doc or professor of practice) who teaches undergraduates at Tulane University can apply to become a Newcomb Fellow.

Newcomb Fellows are asked to support the NCI mission through engagement in one or more of the following:

  • Promote NCI events (class announcements, poster sharing)
  • Nominate students for end of the year awards
  • Encourage students to apply for NCI programs and opportunities
  • Serve on an NCI committee (scholars, grants, postdoc selection)
  • Teach a course with women in mind
  • Attend NCI events or programs, including Fridays at Newcomb
  • Speak at Fridays at Newcomb
  • Serve on a campus-wide committee related to NCI interests (SVPEC, GESS advisory committee, etc)
  • Advise an NCI student group
  • Work with us to develop and issue a report (corporate boards, status of women in N.O., etc.) or other research projects (on-line journals, etc.)
  • Donate to NCI
  • Actively work to identify and bring speakers to campus in partnership with NCI
  • Attend Under the Oaks
Current Newcomb Fellows

To see a list of Newcomb Fellows, visit Current Newcomb Fellows.


For more information, contact:
The Newcomb College Institute