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Newcomb Fellows

The Newcomb Institute is an interdisciplinary academic center dedicated to educating undergraduates to achieve gender equity. We develop leaders, discover solutions to intractable gender problems of our time, and provide opportunities for students to experience synergies between curricula, research, and community engagement through close collaboration with faculty.

Newcomb Fellows are faculty members from across Tulane University who partner with us in pursuing our mission. Newcomb Fellows can come from a range of faculty positions: full-time, visiting, administrative, post-doc, or professor of practice, and there are two categories of Fellows:

Core Newcomb Fellows engage in research and/or teaching in one of the following areas:

  • Gender
  • Women’s intersectional political leadership
  • Women and prison
  • Gender-based violence
  • Sexual and reproductive health (especially in Louisiana or Kenya)
  • Women’s literature
  • Women and performance
  • Women and technology
  • Women and STEM
  • Women’s history (especially the history of women/gender/feminism in the Gulf South)

Affiliate Newcomb Fellows are faculty members or administrators with a demonstrated interest in gender equity and/or a strong connection to and affiliation with the historic Newcomb College and the Newcomb Institute.


To apply, fill out this application.  

Benefits of Being a Newcomb Fellow
  • Access to administrative and programmatic support 
  • Participation in lunches, book discussions, and other community-building events
  • Research funding
  • Support for student research and technology projects and internships
  • Opportunity to book space in the Commons for mission-serving events
Expectations of Newcomb Fellows

Fellows would be expected to identify which of the following activities we might expect them to do:

  • Promote Newcomb Institute events (class announcements, poster sharing)
  • Nominate students for end-of-the-year awards (Oak Wreath, Under the Oaks Awards)
  • Nominate and encourage students to apply for Newcomb Institute programs and opportunities (Newcomb Scholars program, grants, experiential learning opportunities)
  • Serve on a Newcomb Institute committee (for example: postdoc mentoring, grants, awards selection)
  • Teach a course with gender in mind, or a course in the Scholars program, what we hope will be a Gender-Based Violence certificate program, the leadership track, or the Newcomb Summer Session
  • Attend Newcomb Institute events or programs, such as Fridays at Newcomb
  • Advise a Newcomb Institute student group
  • Work with us to develop and issue a research report (corporate boards, the status of women in New Orleans, women in New Orleans post-Katrina) or other research projects (online journals, etc.)
  • Actively work to identify and bring speakers to campus in partnership with Newcomb Institute
  • Attend Under the Oaks
  • Help the Institute liaise with other campus units
  • Identify new faculty who should become involved with the Institute
  • Nominate faculty for the Distinguished Fellow Award
  • Propose, organize, and put on specialized conferences or symposia
Current Fellows


Core Fellows

  • Kate Adams, Associate Professor, and Kimmerling Chair, English
  • Laura Rosanne Adderley, Associate Professor, History
  • Julie Albert, Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Julie Alvarez, Senior Professor of Practice, Psychology
  • Rebecca Atencio, Associate Professor, Director of GESS, GESS, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Kate Babineau, Senior Research Fellow, Cowen Institute 
  • Melissa Bailes, Associate Professor, English
  • Kate Baldwin, Professor, English, Communication, GESS
  • Henry Bart, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Robin Bartram, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • Carolyn Bayer, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Alessandra Bazzano, Associate Professor, Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences
  • Caryn Bell, Assistant Professor, Social, Behavioral, and Population Sciences
  • Katelyn Black, Professor of Practice, Neuroscience
  • Patrick Button, Assistant Professor, Economics
  • Claudia Chavez-Arguelles, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
  • Krystal Cleary, Professor of Practice, Communication
  • Gretchen Clum, Associate Professor, Social, Behavioral, and Population Sciences
  • Paul Colombo, Associate Professor, Psychology/Brain Institute
  • Marie Dahleh, Associate Dean and Senior Prof of Practice, Math
  • Jean Dangler, Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Jerome Dent, Assistant Professor, Communication; Africana Studies
  • Cynthia Ebinger, Marshall-Heape Chair and Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Allison Emmerson, Assistant Professor, Classical Studies
  • Julia Fleckman, Assistant Professor, Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences
  • Nicole Gasparini, Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Leslie Geddes, Assistant Professor, Art History
  • Merissa Gerson, Adjunct Professor, Communication
  • Jeanette Gustat, Associate Professor, Epidemiology
  • Karissa Haugeberg, Associate Professor, History
  • Claudia Herrera, Assistant Professor, Tropical Medicine
  • Stefan Hock, Visiting Assistant Professor, History
  • Mirya Holman, Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Elliott Isaac, Assistant Professor, Economics
  • Katharine Jack, Professor, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs, Anthropology
  • Katie Johnson, Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Erin Kappeler, Assistant Professor, English
  • Michelle Kohler, Associate Professor, English
  • Lisa LaViers, Assistant Professor, Accounting
  • Alyssa Lederer, Assistant Professor, Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences
  • Amalia Leguizamon, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • Nghana Lewis, Associate Professor, English
  • Jana Lipman, Associate Professor, Tulane
  • Anyi Ma, Assistant Professor, Management, School of Business
  • Laura Helen Marks, Professor of Practice, English
  • Judith Maxwell, Louise Rebecca Schawe and Williedell Schawe Memorial Professor at Newcomb College, Anthropology
  • Felicia McCarren, Professor, French & Italian
  • Elisabeth (Liz) McMahon, Associate Professor, History
  • Jenny Mercein, Assistant Professor, Theatre and Dance
  • Kristin Miller, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Laurie O'Brien, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Esra Ozcan, Professor of Practice, Communication
  • Ebony Perro, Professor of Practice, English
  • Menaka Philips, Assistant Professor, Political Science
  • Katherine Raymond, Professor of Practice, Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies, Biomedical Engineering
  • Jason James Sandvik, Assistant Professor, Finance
  • Mimi Schippers, Professor, Sociology/GESS
  • Izabela Steflja, Professor of Practice, Political Science
  • Nubian Sun, Clinical Asst Professor, Social work
  • Edwige Tamalet, Associate Professor, French and Italian
  • Selamawit D. Terrefe, Assistant Professor, English
  • Kat Theall, Professor, Social, Behavioral, and Population Sciences; Epidemiology
  • Elizabeth Townsend Gard, Professor, Law
  • Lisa Wade, Associate Professor, NI/GESS/Soci
  • Carola Wenk, Professor, Computer Science
  • Michele White, Professor, Communication

Affiliate Fellows

  • Courtney Baker, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Joan Blakey, Associate Professor, Social Work
  • Andrea Boyles, Visiting Associate Professor, Sociology, Africana Studies
  • William Brumfield, Professor of Slavic Studies, German and Slavic Studies
  • Ruth Carlitz, Assistant Professor, Political Science
  • Cecilio Cooper, Visiting Assistant Professor, English; Africana Studies
  • Mollye Demosthenidy, Clinical Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management
  • Kathryn Edwards, Assistant Professor, History
  • Guadalupe Garcia, Associate Professor, History
  • Joan Jensen, Senior Professor of Practice, Music
  • Christina Kiel, Professor of Practice, Political Science
  • Anastasia Kurdia, Professor of Practice, Computer Science
  • Matthew Martinez, Professor of Practice, Theater (Digital Media Practices)
  • Saru Matambanadzo, Associate Professor, Law
  • Adam McKeown, Associate Professor, English
  • Marilyn Miller, Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Stephanie Porras, Associate Professor, Art History
  • Renata Duraes Ribeiro, Professor of the Practice, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Samuel Shi, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Neurosurgery and Neurology
  • Dale Shuger, Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Allison Truitt, Associate Professor, Anthropology
  • Brigham Walker, Research Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Management

For more information, contact:
Laura Wolford
Associate Director of Newcomb Institute 
Director of Operations