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Newcomb Big/Little

Participate in one of the most popular Newcomb traditions! Hundreds of undergraduates choose to participate in this program every year. Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors sign up to be "bigs," to mentor a first-year "little." Bigs serve as a resource, a guide, and a friend as each first-year transitions to Tulane, and are a helpful source of advice and insight throughout the semester. Newcomb Institute hosts events for both Bigs and Littles to attend in order to get to know each other better.

All first-year and transfer students are welcome to register to be a Newcomb Little. Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors may apply to be a Newcomb Big.

Fall 2021 Program

The application for Newcomb Bigs will be open May 3-31, 2021. Registration for Littles will open on June 1, 2021. Because we hope to give each student a one-to-one match, sign-ups will be first come, first served. Registration will close when we have as many Littles as Bigs OR on Friday, July 16 -- whichever comes first. We recommend registering well in advance of the July 16 deadline because spaces may fill up. Pairs will be matched by Friday, July 30, based on interests, majors, or any other factors you'd like us to consider. Bigs will contact Littles in early August.

If you are a first-year student hoping to be matched with a Newcomb Big, please apply below.

If you are a sophomore, junior, or senior hoping to be matched with a Newcomb Little, please review the expectations below. If you meet the requirements, apply below.

Newcomb Big Requirements


  • be a rising sophomore or above, 
  • have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • be on campus during Fall 2021.


  • Attend Newcomb Big training on August 22 
  • Attend at least one Big/Little event with your mentee during the fall semester
  • Biweekly check-ins with your mentee

*Training is not required for 2021 Wave Leaders and 2021-22 Resident Assistants.


To apply, fill out the applications below: 

  • Littles Application - For first-year and transfer students hoping to be matched with a Newcomb Big.
  • Bigs Application - For rising sophomore, junior, or senior students hoping to be matched with a Newcomb Little. 
Past Participants

“My Newcomb family has been one of my strongest connections since I came to Tulane…My Big & Little have been two of my best friends and even drove me to the hospital when I had an allergic reaction. We have family events at least twice a month and they have been amazing resources and we’re in the process of planning a road trip to visit each other this summer. They have been fantastic mentors for me throughout my first year of college.” 
– 2019 program participant

“I would like to be a Newcomb Big because, as a Little, this program was the first connection I had to a current Tulane student. I was able to confide in my Newcomb Big any concerns or questions I had about the school, ultimately giving me a sense of comfort which I didn't have before.” 
– 2019 program participant

“I have done the program since my freshman year at Tulane and I think it is important to help freshmen become more familiar with their surroundings and student body at Tulane. It was really nice for me to have someone I could go to for advice, especially during my first semester. My time as a Newcomb Big has been meaningful to me and has brought me a lot of joy in my years at Tulane.” 
– 2019 program participant

“Whether it be about academics, party culture, or living with other people, there are a lot of new experiences freshmen have to navigate in their first semester and it can be supremely overwhelming. For these reasons, I feel particularly inclined to be a Newcomb Big. I want to be a resource for a freshman, one that I didn't have, in order to help them navigate their freshman year and have the most positive experience possible. I want to be someone that they feel comfortable coming to with questions, receive advice from, or simply vent about their problems to. I believe that being able to assist even just one freshman in this way would be extremely impactful and would only help them have a more positive experience at Tulane.” 
– 2019 program participant

“I think this program would be a great way to connect and build relationships with members of the incoming class. They are the future of Tulane, and anyway that I can help them in their journey here would be such an amazing opportunity. I also want to be a Newcomb Big so I can give a student the same welcoming experience that I received upon my arrival at Tulane. I was not part of the Newcomb Big & Little program, but all the students and staff made me personally feel like I belonged and I was valued. Giving that same sense of belonging to another student would be such a great way to pay it forward and to cultivate a supportive environment at Tulane.”  
– 2019 program participant