The Newcomb Scholars Program is a unique opportunity for incoming women at Tulane University who are interested in an academically enriching and shared four-year experience through undergraduate research, seminars, and experiential learning opportunities. 


“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.”

- Marie Curie


Newcomb Scholars have the opportunity to

  • Establish research relationships with faculty and benefit from mentoring by faculty
  • Benefit from small, uniquely designed seminars to enhance their research skills and potential
  • Complete and present an independently researched project examining both the theoretical and practical implications of their field
  • Make valuable contacts with influential professionals and researchers
  • Benefit from the support of research and applied learning grants
  • Obtain practical experience through public-service internship
  • Gain valuable insight from fellow Scholars and researchers in their field
  • Understand their roles as both scholars and leaders
  • Influence the campus community in new and positive ways
  • Recognize their responsibility as civic-minded and engaged members of the community

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