Attitudes and actions of local residents are key to the conservation of biodiversity in the areas where we work. For this reason, FCAT makes significant investments in ensuring that community members well informed about the environmental challenges and opportunities they encounter. We provide long-term intensive environmental education to 15 core communities in the Mache Chindul Reserve, and less intensive educational modules to dozens of other schools and communities through out Ecuador.

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We provide weekend-long workshops in every month of the school year, in which teachers are prepared to teach environmental and social themes. Teachers return to their respective communities equipped with laminated syllabi and didactic aids, and we provide follow up visits of 2-3 days to implement hands-on exercises for children and adults. Environmental Ambassadors also host groups of students and adults at our research sites to provide more hands-on experience with our work and surrounding biodiversity. The quality of our work has been formally recognized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education, and we are currently working with them to replicate our model more widely in the province of Esmeraldas.

In December of each year, we host an annual Environmental Fair that showcases and celebrates local flora and fauna through handicrafts, poetry, dance, and song. This much-anticipated event attracts more than one thousand local residents each year, as well as the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment, and local organizations and schools.

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