An Overview

Our over-arching goal is to empower local residents to slow and reverse the tide of habitat and species loss in the Tropical Andes. To do so, we focus on capacity building, scientific research, environmental education, community development, and the formation and empowerment of local leaders. FCAT members have worked together with local residents of the Choco rainforests of northwestern Ecuador since 2003. We have made significant inroads into slowing and reversing deforestation, and our efforts have been recognized by locally and internationally including the ‘Local Conservation Hero Award’ (Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund) and the ‘Biotropica Award for Excellence in Tropical Biology and Conservation’ (Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation).

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FCAT builds in-country capacity to understandMXe3zUc8jnptGqULNKqnJeCBVFMlNqulkFLW6bUh9aI and conserve biodiversity and natural resources at a variety of levels, including local communities, governmental and non-governmental agencies, and universities. Click Here to Learn More…


3czIRGmT6u40dB2I_63U8ZNN5YxNo5VWg7ogLamk_acFCAT has developed and implemented a series of linked educational initiatives for local children and adults. Complementary experiential learning modules in the schools and in the forests help local residents to better understand
and appreciate the flora and fauna with which they co-exist.
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FCAT has an established track record ofSymposium 2 scientific excellence focused around research on endangered species, ecological processes, and patterns of diversity
in the context of anthropogenic change. We disseminate results locally,
regionally, and internationally. Click here to Learn More…